Egypt: a new democratic future

14 February 2011

The time for change has come. After 18 days of massive protests, Hosni Mubarak is no longer President of Egypt and the ‘revolution of Tahrir Square’ has made history. The people of Egypt have won the democratic battle and succeeded with their demands for political, social and economic change against a regime that had been in place for over thirty years. Holding their future in their own hands has now become more than just a distant dream for Egyptians.

The holding of free and fair elections, establishing a civilian government as a basis for the further development of new democratic structures in the country, will give the Egyptian people the opportunity to exercise their newly won freedoms and rights and should be the first priority.

In this time full of promise, the Socialist International rejoices that democracy and the will of the people will now be the foundation upon which a new Egypt can be built. Events in Egypt have already shown us what can be achieved through the determination, resolve and unity of a people, one which now has an opportunity to create a truly open, democratic and inclusive state, setting a positive example for societies in the region and beyond. We will continue on the side of the people of Egypt, its democratic forces, movements, parties and civil society, working to ensure that the objectives of this revolution are realised, in a new democratic future.