Equatorial Guinea: Socialist International calls for real multiparty democracy

13 May 2008

In the recent parliamentary and local elections held on 4 May in Equatorial Guinea, the Convergence for Social Democracy, CPDS, the main opposition force and a member of the Socialist International, was yet again forced to compete in an electoral process marred by the use of public funds and state media for the campaign of the ruling party, the Democratic Party for Equatorial Guinea, PDGE; the denial of international press access; the fostering of a climate of fear which spread as far as polling stations on voting day; the vilification of opposition leaders during the election campaign and the physical abuse of their supporters; and reported election irregularities.

The government of Equatorial Guinea has committed itself before the country’s citizens and the international community to work for the development of multiparty democracy. However, these elections demonstrate that the country is still far from this in reality. Social peace and stability will only result from free, fair and transparent elections and the government of Equatorial Guinea should be reminded of its obligations to respect the political, democratic and human rights of its citizens.

The Socialist International reaffirms once again its solidarity and support for the leaders and members of the Convergence for Social Democracy, as they continue their determined work to ensure democratic governance in their country.


Statement issued by the Socialist International, 13 May 2008