For peace in Yemen

16 June 2015

The Yemen peace talks underway in Geneva are crucial to establish a framework for a meaningful dialogue between all Yemeni parties and actors in the current crisis.

At stake first and foremost is the fate of the Yemeni people, their country and their future, and the possibility to continue advancing in their search for an inclusive society and a working democracy. Despite the many obstacles encountered, Yemen had been until recently one of the countries where people and their movements had managed to produce positive change.

It is essential that all members of the international community and of the UN Security Council lend their support and give a chance of success to these talks and this process.

The legitimate government of Yemen should be enabled to resume its functions in Sana’a. All irregular forces and armed groups should abide by a ceasefire and withdraw from the cities they currently occupy, airstrikes should stop, and normal life should be restored.

Our International calls on all those involved in the conflict, inside and outside of Yemen, to act in favour of peace, and place the interest of the Yemeni people first.

In the quest to achieve the above, we fully support the sponsoring by the United Nations of these talks, mindful that the involvement of the organisation will continue to be essential in the time ahead.

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