For the restoration of democratic order in Venezuela

6 January 2020

The Socialist International congratulates the members of the National Assembly of Venezuela for their firm and resolute decision to proceed with the renewal of the mandate of their authorities in accordance with the Constitution and the laws of the country, as well as with the rules of the Assembly, in spite of all the attempts by the Nicolas Maduro regime to obstruct it and prevent this action by the legislators, including through the use of force and of military and police personnel.

The SI also congratulates Juan Guaidó on his re-election as president of the National Assembly, and the other members of the executive board elected by that institution in a process that was carried out with due respect for the relevant rules, involving the participation of one hundred deputies that formed the necessary quorum for the functioning of the National Assembly.

We reiterate the urgency and the need to restore democratic order in Venezuela, as well as the full respect for the Constitution and the laws, the human rights and the full political rights of the Venezuelan people. We once again raise our voices for the release of all political prisoners.

The holding of free and fair presidential elections, with guarantees for all parties, as demanded by the vast majority of Venezuelans and hoped for by the international community, is a necessity that cannot be postponed any longer.