In reference to Brunei and 54 other countries

April 2019

In reference to Brunei and 54 other countries

The Socialist International is deeply alarmed by the introduction by Brunei of draconian laws that include death by stoning and other drastic punishments in a new penal code recently introduced.

Our International has been resolutely opposed for years to the death penalty in all circumstances, and reiterates its previous calls for its abolition by all countries, in line with our longstanding campaigns on this issue.

Other draconian punishments that form part of the new penal code in Brunei, such as the amputation of a hand or a foot for theft, are cruel and inhumane, and also have no place in the legal system of any country.

The SI encourages international organisations, governments and private citizens from around the world to call on Brunei and the 54 other countries who retain the death penalty to abolish it.