Istanbul: SI calls for respect for the democratic process

11 April 2019

The initial result of the mayoral election in Istanbul, held on 31 March, has been upheld despite a series of recounts that have taken place in the days since the ballot, and the Socialist International congratulates Ekrem İmamoğlu, the candidate of its member party, CHP, on his victory. The attempts since the election by the ruling Justice and Development party (AKP) to overturn the result have failed and the election board has denied requests for a full recount. It is time for the outcome to be respected by all parties, and calls for a new election to cease.

At a time of great social and economic challenges for Turkey, the country needs its leaders to focus on delivering economic stability and good governance for the citizens. These efforts by the AKP to delegitimise the election result have the potential to increase volatility and damage social cohesion in Istanbul and more widely across Turkey. It also contributes to an erosion of trust in the democratic process and sets a dangerous precedent for the non-recognition of the results of any similarly close-run elections in the future.

A functioning democracy requires that defeated candidates and parties respect election results, and that the possibility exists for political alternance via the ballot box. After seventeen years in power in Istanbul, the AKP must now recognise the victory of Ekrem İmamoğlu and allow him to become the mayor of the whole of Istanbul and its citizens. The SI wishes the mayor-elect every success in his new role.



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