Latest developments in Iraq and Syria

15 October 2014

The latest developments in Iraq and Syria continue to demonstrate that the terror carried out by ISIS is a major threat to international peace and security, to the people in the region and to the world at large, which must urgently be brought to an end.

We reiterate the previous calls of the Socialist International for the international community to unite in response to this terror and to act in defence of the innocent populations of Iraq and Syria, and in support of those from all ethnic and religious groups affected. We share the solidarity previously expressed by our International with the SI member party in Iraq, the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK), as we do with the Kurdistan Regional Government headed by Masoud Barzani and with all the Kurdish people who are courageously standing up against terror, epitomised today by their brave and steadfast defence of the city of Kobane in northern Syria.

The threat posed by terrorist fighters is of grave concern and all efforts must be made to provide the international assistance required in order that their advance anywhere can be halted and reversed.

It is equally important to support the government of Iraq as it works to strengthen and consolidate the institutions of democracy in an inclusive and open manner, and all those in Syria striving for democracy, freedoms and rights.




Statement issued following the SI meeting at the 131st Assembly of the IPU in Geneva