Murderous attacks on civilians an intolerable crime

21 February 2011

The Socialist International calls for an immediate end to the indiscriminate killing of civilians in Libya. The Libyan authorities have openly chosen the path of destruction and bloodshed without hesitation.

The appalling behaviour of repressive forces acting on behalf of the regime, as well as the continued abuse of human rights in Libya leave no doubt that fundamental change is needed, as a regime with such disregard for the lives and well-being of its citizens should never be in office. In time, all those responsible for the murder of so many innocent people must be held accountable.

Demands for democracy and freedom must be heard and acknowledged. Libya needs democracy peace and stability, and leaders that are willing to engage with and respond to the needs of the people.

The SI salutes the courage of those in Libya who are struggling for real change – for freedoms, rights and democratic governance, all too many of whom have made the ultimate sacrifice in pursuit of these values.