Nominations for elections at the SI Congress in Madrid



For President of the Socialist International

  • Mr Pedro Sanchez (Spain)


For Secretary General of the Socialist International

  • Nominations have also been received from the following regional committee chairs:

Africa, Caucasus, Latin America and the Caribbean


For Vice-President of the Socialist International

There can be a maximun of thirty-six Vice-Presidents of the Socialist International, please see below for the calculation to ensure geographical balance and gender balance.

  • Africa

Ms Janira Hopffer Almada (Cabo Verde)
Mr Manuel Domingos Augusto (Angola)
Mr Ahmed Ould Daddah (Mauritania)
Mr Augustin Kabuya Tshilumba (DR Congo)
Ms Chantal Kambiwa (Cameroon)
Ms Khaoula Lachguar (Morocco)
Ms Candith Mashego-Dlamini (South Africa)
Ms Aminata Mbengue Ndiaye (Senegal)
Mr Bokary Treta (Mali)

  • Americas

Ms Isabel Allende (Chile)
Ms Edmonde S. Beauzile (Haiti)
Mr Victor Benoit (Haiti)
Mr Samuel Doria Medina (Bolivia)
Mr Carlos Lupi (Brazil)
Mr Rafael Michelini (Uruguay)
Mr Alejandro Moreno (Mexico)
Mr Henry Ramos (Venezuela AD)
Ms Kattia Rivera (Costa Rica)
Mr Jesús Rodríguez (Argentina)
Mr Miguel Angel Sanchez Vasquez (Colombia)
Mr Ricardo Sancho (Costa Rica)
Ms Sandra Torres (Guatemala)
Mr Miguel Vargas (Dominican Republic)

  • Europe

Mr Ünal Çeviköz (Turkey)
Mr Marcel Ciolacu (Romania)
Ms Alexandra Dobolyi (Hungary)
Mr Olivier Faure (France)
Ms Hana Jalloul Muro (Spain)
Ms Paulina Lampsa (Greece)
Ms Pia Locatelli (Italy)
Mr Pere Lopez (Andorra)
Mr Paul Magnette (Belgium)
Ms Kornelia Ninova (Bulgaria)
Ms Katarina Roth Nevedalova (Slovakia)
Mr Edi Rama (Albania)
Mr Antton Rönnholm (Finland)
Mr João Torres (Portugal)

  • Middle East, Caucasus & Asia-Pacific

Mr Ganibal Amartuvshin (Mongolia)
Ms Colette Avital (Israel)
Mr Khagendra Chetry (Nepal)
Mr Rawhi Fattouh (Palestine)
Mr Norberto Gonzales (Philippines)
Mr Mario Nalpatian (Armenia)
Mr Askhat Rakhimzhanov (Kazakhstan)
Mr Temirlan Sultanbekov (Kyrgyzstan)


  • Fraternal organisations

President of the SIW

Secretary General of IUSY



Geographical balance

With regard to the election of the SI Presidium, in order to ensure geographic balance it has been necessary to allocate a set number of seats on the Presidium to each region, according to the respective numbers of full member parties from that region in our International.

According to the rules, only parties that have fulfilled their financial obligations have the right to attend and to vote at meetings of the Socialist International, therefore applications for the Vice-Presidency can only be considered if their party’s membership fee is up to date. In order to establish the geographical balance of the Presidium, only those parties that are up to date with their membership fees should be taken into account for the purposes of the calculation. Here below is the calculation should all full member parties fulfil their SI financial obligations. Before the Congress this will be recalculated to reflect the actual number of parties that are up to date with their SI financial obligations and therefore the numbers of Vice-Presidents allocated per region will change.


The regions

There can be a maximum of thirty-six Vice-Presidents of the Socialist International. For the purposes of ensuring geographic balance among the thirty-six elected members of the Presidium, the membership has been divided into four regions.

  1. Africa
  2. Americas
  3. Europe
  4. Middle East, Caucasus & Asia-Pacific


The method

In order to proportionally allocate to each region a fair number of vice-presidencies, the Sainte-Laguë (largest-average) method will be used. This system is used to allocate parliamentary seats in a number of countries.

Total full member parties: 87


Full members

% members

Presidium seats

% seats
















Middle East, Caucasus & Asia-Pacific






Gender balance

According to the current rules, representation of either gender in the elected SI Presidium must not be less than one third.