North Korean announcement of nuclear test condemned by Socialist International

9 October 2006

The announcement by North Korea that it has detonated an atomic weapon in an underground test is vigorously condemned by the Socialist International.

Such a dangerous and totally irresponsible act threatens stability and peace in Asia and the Pacific, seriously undermining global anti-proliferation and disarmament efforts and the prospects for reconciliation between North Korea and South Korea.

The Socialist International has long been concerned about the mounting tensions surrounding North Korea’s moves toward nuclear capability, and believes deeply that peace and security are necessary for Asia and the Pacific to promote economic development and effectively address social and environmental challenges.

At this perilous and uncertain moment, the International calls upon the international community to act with urgency and firmness and to use every diplomatic measure at its disposal to bring North Korea back into the six-party talks that also include South Korea, Japan, China, Russia and the United States.

The Socialist International always embraces multilateral efforts as the most effective approach to achieving security and peace, and the situation today regarding North Korea requires complete and determined cooperation between nations in the Asia and Pacific region and within the entire international community through the United Nations.