Passing of Hugo Chávez

6 March 2013

Hugo Chávez, President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela for fourteen years and leader of the PSUV, passed away yesterday.

The Socialist International extends to the Venezuelan people, to the family of Hugo Chávez and to his followers, its sincere condolences at this time of national mourning.

Today begins a new challenge for this Latin American nation and it is the hope of our International that the people of Venezuela will find the way to move forward in unity, concord and democracy in order to advance successfully in this phase of transition.

The advancement and consolidation of democracy in Latin America, as in other parts of the world, require that Venezuela, within the framework of its constitution, succeed in bringing together all its citizens to give shape to a Venezuela for all Venezuelans.

The Socialist International will continue to accompany, as it has done to date, the efforts of the Venezuelan people at this time of grief and of new challenges and decisions.