Peace agreement in Mali – a milestone to regain stability and security in the Sahel

21 June 2015

The Socialist International greets the completion of the signing yesterday of the highly significant peace and reconciliation agreement between the government of Mali and the coordination coalition of armed groups representing the Tuareg-led rebels, bringing to a conclusion months of arduous negotiations under an Algerian led international mediation, following the armed conflict which began in the North of Mali in 2012.

Our International has actively supported the search for peace and stability in Mali and the whole Sahel region, a subject that has been at the center of its agenda at successive meetings of its Presidium, with the participation of HE President Ibrahim Boubacar Keita of Mali and other leaders from that region, at its Council meetings and most recently, at the last meeting of the SI Africa Committee held in the capital of Mali, Bamako, in April this year.

In congratulating all the parties involved, and in particular in recognising the courageous commitment and engagement of HE President Keita to bringing peace and reconciliation to his country, we look forward to the successful implementation of these agreements and we reaffirm our support for the people of Mali working now to rebuild the common spirit of the nation and a shared sense of purpose to regain the path to development and social cohesion.

The Sahel must continue to be a focus of cooperation for the international community, as multiple challenges remain for the people of this region, including extreme poverty, transnational crime, trafficking of drugs and of migrants, religious extremism, terrorism, and the proliferation of weapons, among others. The success of these key agreements signed yesterday are vital not only for Mali, but equally for the people of the entire Sahel. The Socialist International will continue to be engaged with its member parties in the region, institutions and civil society in pursuit of the shared objectives of peace and progress.

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