Preserving the constitutional order in Bolivia

31 March 2021

Aware of the differences that have occurred within Bolivia and among its citizens since the 2019 electoral process, our International has followed with concern the levels of polarization of society in that country and calls on the different political actors to come together in mutual recognition and in the shared values ​​and principles of democracy.

Coexistence within the framework of the rule of law and legal protection, which establishes and ensures freedoms and rights for all, guarantee that political life as well as the strengthening of its institutions generate the necessary trust for all within our nations.

Faced with the wishes of the whole of the Bolivian people and their desire to advance with these objectives, all the guarantees of due process to former authorities, today deprived of their liberty, become essential to ensure respect for the law, coexistence, the common value of peace and respect for the country's own constitution.