Recount of votes crucial to ensure the election's legitimacy, democracy and peace

15 April 2013

The Socialist International, which has member parties in Venezuela and whose activities also include the participation of other like-minded organisations in that country, has followed with great attention for several years now, the evolution of political life in Venezuela and has observed in situ various electoral processes there over the years.

Among the international observers officially accredited for the presidential elections carried out yesterday, 14 April, were those from the Socialist International.

The elections, according to the figures announced by the National Electoral Council (CNE), led to a very close result between the two principal candidates, Nicolás Maduro of the PSUV with 7,505,338 votes or 50.66% and Henrique Capriles of the Mesa de Unidad with 7,270,403 votes or 49.07%, a situation which led one of the officials of the Council to call for a recount and a civilian audit of all the votes cast. Equally, the candidate of the MUD, H. Capriles, publicly called for an investigation and clarification of approximately 200 incidents and registered irregularities before the beginning of the process, as well as of more than 3200 electoral incidents, denouncements and violations during the course of the elections which would have affected a free and fair vote.

It is therefore an urgent and crucial requirement today, in order to ensure the legitimacy of the electoral process, democracy and peace in Venezuela, that the National Electoral Council proceed to initiate a credible recount as soon as possible of one hundred percent of the votes cast, which would allow the establishment with total certainty and transparency of the definitive results of these elections, and we call on the electoral authorities in Venezuela to refrain from proclaiming a candidate-elect until the conclusion of this process.


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