Referendum in Tunisia

27 July 2022

The results of the referendum in Tunisia announced yesterday came as no surprise, following the exceptionally low turnout to vote and the steps previously taken by the regime to undermine the parliament and to concentrate power in the hands of the president.

The Socialist International recalls the Resolution on Tunisia adopted by the SI Council at its recent meeting in Geneva, and reaffirms its solidarity with its member party in that country, ETTAKATOL, and with the Tunisian people who continue to struggle for their democratic rights.

Resolution of the SI Council at its meeting in Geneva on 7-8 July 2022:

The Socialist International is closely following the development of the situation in Tunisia, the country where the Arab revolutions started and the only one that has succeeded in a peaceful democratic transition, hailed by all democratic countries.

A new draft Constitution will be submitted to referendum on 25 July 2022 without it being the subject of an inclusive consultation with the active forces of the country. The project constitutes a real step backwards compared to the 2014 Constitution hailed for having established freedoms and human rights in its overall concept, a political system based on the separation of powers and a balance between them, with independent institutions to control executive power.

The SI therefore calls on the Tunisian authorities to resume the democratic process in an inclusive manner.