Second anniversary of the Gezi Park protests

30 May 2015

As we recognised two years ago, the Gezi Park protests marked a turning point in Turkish politics signalling what people and civil society can achieve to change decisions when they run contrary to the will and aspirations of our citizens. Equally, how the mobilisation of people in one city for a just cause connects with the struggle for more democracy and freedoms in an entire society. 

On this second anniversary of the Gezi Park demonstrations, we remember all those who became protagonists of a social and political development that left in Turkey, and around the world, a lasting example of how people from all walks of life can come together to change not only the future of a park, but the priorities of a nation. We equally remember those who fell as victims in that struggle to the criminal violence used against the demonstrators.

The voice for more democracy, for the respect of all rights and all freedoms that sounded in Gezi Park, was strong enough to carry a message of encouragement to others in the same struggle not only throughout Turkey but across the globe. We stand together today, on this second anniversary, with all our Turkish friends who continue defending the Park and a democratic future for all people in Turkey.