SI calls for end to deadly violence between Israel and Palestine

12 May 2021

The Socialist International is deeply dismayed by the outbreak of deadly violence in Israel and Palestine, which has led to the loss of innocent life on both sides of the border. The SI mourns the civilian casualties and calls for an immediate end to the rocket attacks and airstrikes that indiscriminately kill, injure and destroy. Further violence will only serve to harm innocent citizens of both Palestine and Israel and only benefits those who have no interest in peace.

This severe escalation in the conflict has been provoked by the evictions by Israel of Palestinian families from East Jerusalem and the demolition of their homes, which are intensely damaging to the prospects for peace. Demonstrations against this have been met by unacceptable violence and aggression from Israeli security forces, which has in turn led to rocket attacks against Israel and airstrikes on Gaza. The evictions of Palestinian families and the demolition of their homes must stop, in East Jerusalem and across the Palestinian Territories. These provocative and calculated acts in recent days and weeks against Palestinian residents of East Jerusalem are a continuation of a policy of hostility from the Israeli government, and the systematic and intentional denial of the basic rights of the Palestinian people. This includes violent police action against Palestinians exercising their right to worship at the Al-Aqsa mosque during the holy month of Ramadan.

Illegal and oppressive acts will not change or reduce the demands for an end to 54 years of occupation, discrimination and the system of segregation, and the right to full equality and self-determination for Palestinians, which are a prerequisite for peace. In the pursuit of these aims, the SI reiterates its solidarity with the Palestinian non-violent opposition. The SI continues to fully support a two-state solution to the Israel-Palestine conflict, and the legitimate aims of the Palestinian people for an independent state based on the 1967 borders with its capital in East Jerusalem.

The SI remains committed to working with its member parties in Palestine and Israel, whose voices are among the most prominent for peace and a two-state solution, and needed now more than ever. The support and engagement of the international community in favour of Middle East peace and the recognition of Palestinian statehood remain vital. The legitimate demands of the Palestinian people will not be diminished by unilateral moves taken by Israel in violation of international law, and the SI will continue to act in support of the rights of both peoples to live in peace.

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