SI condemns assassination of President Moïse in Haiti

7 July 2021

The Socialist International expresses its condemnation and abhorrence of the brutal assassination of HE Jovenel Moïse, President of Haiti, by unidentified gunmen who stormed his home in the early hours of this morning. Our thoughts and condolences are with his family at this time, in particular with his wife, Martine Moïse, who is recovering in hospital having also been shot during the attack.

Such a heinous act further weakens democracy in Haiti, a country which has long struggled with socio-economic and political challenges, and targets a vulnerable nation at a complex time in it’s political life.

The Socialist International has for years been present in the country, where it counts with two member parties, supporting the consolidation of democracy and the securing of peace, and was involved in efforts to promote dialogue between the President and the opposition in discussions held by the SI Secretary General in Port-au-Prince with the Haitian SI member parties on the one hand and President Moïse on the other.

At this painful time for Haiti, the SI once again reiterates it’s hope for an inclusive dialogue with all the political and social forces, in order to achieve political stability in the country, to maintain peace and security for its citizens, and to keep the nation on a democratic path.