SI condemns attack on democracy in Mali

22 March 2012

The Socialist International condemns unreservedly the subversion of the democratic order by elements of the armed forces in Mali during last night. This attempt to take control of the government by force is totally unacceptable to our movement, to all democrats and to the entire international community.

Africa and Mali have made historic advances in the consolidation and strengthening of democracy at a time when only democratic rule is acceptable in all countries, underlined today by the dramatic struggles for democracy, freedoms and rights by citizens around the world.

The events of the last hours present a grave threat to Mali's hard-won democratic process, at a moment when the country is less than one month away from new presidential elections, and deeply touch our movement, as our two member parties in Mali, the Assembly for Mali (RPM) and ADEMA-PASJ, have been fundamental pillars of the democratic development and democratic life of that country.

The Socialist International calls for the respect of the democratically elected government in Mali and next month's scheduled presidential elections. We express our full solidarity with the SI member parties and all democratic forces in that country, and call on regional and international organisations to act decisively in defence of democracy in Mali.