SI condemns attempted assassination in Guinea-Bissau

9 May 2022

The Socialist International has been following with concern the increasing political insecurity in Guinea-Bissau, and condemns unreservedly the assassination attempt on Agnelo Regala, a member of parliament and leader of opposition party the Union for Change, UM, which took place on Saturday 7 May.

Parties of the opposition in Guinea-Bissau, including the SI member party the PAIGC, have reported that they have received threats against themselves and their families. Such reports, along with fears from the opposition over the rise of a dictatorial regime in the country, are deeply concerning and we call on the government to ensure that democracy, freedom and the fundamental human rights enshrined in the constitution are thoroughly and consistently respected.

The SI calls on the government to lead an immediate enquiry to find and bring to justice the perpetrators in the case of Agnelo Regala, and in doing so reassure the people of Guinea-Bissau that such political intimidation and violence will never be tolerated.

The Socialist International has a long history of supporting the efforts of all those working to strengthen and advance our principles of democracy and social justice, along with peace, freedoms and rights, and will always continue to do so.

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