SI condemns DPRK nuclear test

12 February 2013

The Socialist International condemns unequivocally the nuclear test carried out this morning by North Korea and the subsequent threats of further tests. Coming just two months after their launching of a long-range rocket, this raises once again serious questions about Pyongyang’s intentions and further destabilises peace and security in the region and in the world.

This defiant act by North Korea must be met with firm international condemnation, constituting as it does, a clear violation of the relevant UN Security Council resolutions. The SI welcomes the swift action by the UN in calling an emergency session of the Security Council on this matter. It is imperative that the North Korean regime understands the concerns of the entire international community, and further action must be taken immediately.

Beyond the security and political implications, the Socialist International also expresses its grave concern over the damage to the environment caused by such activity, and given the secrecy surrounding North Korea’s nuclear programme, cannot accept Pyongyang’s assertion that it “did not pose any negative impact on the surrounding ecological environment”.