SI condemns escalation of violence in southern Israel and in Gaza

3 March 2008

The Socialist International strongly deplores the deaths of more than a hundred Palestinians, many of them civilians including children, and condemns the excessive use of force by Israel in Gaza.

Equally, the International condemns the rocket attacks from Gaza against Israel, which has resulted in a number of unacceptable civilian deaths.

The Socialist International, which recognises Israel’s right to defend itself, strongly believes that the air and ground offensive it is now carrying out is disproportionate to the current threat it faces and contrary to international law.

The Socialist International has consistently denounced the attacks against Israel coming from Gaza as well as the incursions into Gaza by Israel, for both serve only to worsen the cycles of violence that in the end harm innocent people the most.

The International calls for an immediate end to the current violence, for Israeli and Palestinian leaders to make every possible effort to ensure that the path of negotiations remains open – as it is the only path that offers the possibility of a peaceful and lasting resolution to the conflict – and for the international community to work urgently to guide the two sides away from any further use of force.


Statement issued by the Socialist International, 3 March 2008