SI condemns military coup in Niger

19 February 2010

The Socialist International strongly condemns the military coup that took place yesterday in Niger.

The advancement and consolidation of democracy in Niger have been a focus of attention for the SI for a number of years. The close collaboration with the SI member, the Party for Democracy and Socialism of Niger (PNDS), has led to many initiatives of the International in that country, supporting their commitment to democracy and their struggle against poverty in one of the poorest countries in the world.

There can never be any justification for the seizure of power through military action.  We firmly call for an urgent and peaceful transition from military to civilian rule in Niger, a country facing a crisis since the attempt of President Tandja to remain in power by amending the constitution and dissolving both the Parliament and the Constitutional Court.

The Socialist International expresses its full solidarity with and support for the PNDS and all the democratic forces in Niger who remain committed to restoring the democratic institutions of the country, crucial to guarantee respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms, to defeat poverty and to secure peace.


19 February 2010