SI leadership from across the globe convened for virtual meeting

24 October 2020

The Socialist International, continuing to follow global developments affecting peace, democracy, and the COVID-19 pandemic around the world, held a virtual meeting of its Presidium, the leading body of the organisation, on 24 October, to examine current priorities at a time of multiple challenges in different regions of the world, for its members and the entire movement. The opportunity also provided a common platform to hear updates on developments of concern in a number of countries.

Members of the Presidium located in all continents and covering multiple time zones, joined together online to share views, experiences and proposals to move forward a common agenda in the months to come. The exchanges also covered the different experiences in the battle against coronavirus and the collective knowledge gained in dealing with this pandemic.

The SI has been closely monitoring national situations affecting democracy and human rights, in contact with members worldwide throughout the year, voicing its views, taking a stand and defending its core values, principles and ideals in the face of authoritarianism, rising conflicts, and disregard for rights and freedoms where these are violated and suppressed.