SI mourns tragic loss of life in terror attack

21 May 2012

The Socialist International mourns the loss of more than 90 soldiers in a terrorist bomb attack in Yemen. The deadly suicide bombing took place at a rehearsal for a military parade and has left another 200 people wounded. This abhorrent, despicable act is condemned without reservation by the Socialist International.

At a time when Yemen is in the process of rebuilding its democratic institutions and reforming the military following years of autocratic dictatorial rule, such atrocities have the potential to destabilise the fragile political situation. Only through the realisation of the democratic process will Yemen be able to consign violence, authoritarianism and terror to the past. The international community must stand ready to assist Yemen in its struggle to fulfil the promise of a better future for its people.

The Socialist International stands in solidarity with all those who seek to bring peace and stability to Yemen. Acts of terror must never be allowed to deter those who pursue democracy, and we reaffirm our support for the endeavours of Yemen’s transitional government and the Yemeni Socialist Party in this regard.