Social democracy delivering in Niger

2 April 2021

The Socialist International conveys its warmest greetings and congratulations to outgoing President Mahamadou Issoufou and to incoming President Mohamed Bazoum.

We are, across all the continents, extremely proud to stand with our comrades of Niger at this important moment in the history of the country.

It is a true pleasure to congratulate Niger’s president-elect, Mohamed Bazoum, on this historic occasion. We are witnessing the first democratic transition of power in this country’s history, as our dear friend and comrade President Mahamadou Issoufou comes to the end of his second term.

Niger has been a functioning multi-party democracy for a decade, since President Issoufou was first elected in 2011, and this transition today demonstrates an example and a much observed moment for Niger’s democratic future. The failed attempted assault on the Presidential palace yesterday is firmly condemned by the international community and we reaffirm that any attack against democracy in Niger is an attack against democracy everywhere.

President Issoufou’s achievements during his two terms in office are fundamental to this democratic process, and the Socialist International warmly celebrates his many accomplishments. Niger has advanced in many areas, including economic growth, human and social development, and opening new economic opportunities for the future of this country.

In thanking President Issoufou for his commitment and service, it is a great pleasure for our political family to welcome Niger’s new incoming President, Mohamed Bazoum, who has long served his country in different capacities. He is a long-standing comrade, who also has been involved in the work of the Socialist International and is well known in the international community.

In the election of Bazoum, the people of Niger have chosen to continue the democratic path, and we sincerely congratulate them.

Our International is particularly proud of this victory, which is not only one for democracy, but for our member party, our comrades, and for the shared values and principles of our global movement, values that both President Issoufou and President-elect Bazoum have both served well in their many responsibilities. These values and principles, which are today shining in Niger, unite our entire political family across the world.

We wish President Bazoum every success in continuing to strengthen democracy and in advancing growth and progress with equal opportunities for all, confident of the solidarity and support of our organization and all its members in all his endeavours.