Socialist International appeals for an immediate end to the violence in the Middle East

5 December 2001

The Socialist International (SI) strongly condemns the recent terrorist acts carried out against innocent civilians in Jerusalem and Haifa. These despicable deeds underline the urgent need for the Palestinian Authority to control armed groups, as was stated by the SI Council at its last meeting.

The Socialist International urgently appeals to both sides to put an immediate end to the escalation of violence by implementing a workable ceasefire that will allow the resumption of peace talks. The Israeli government must understand that the attacks on the Palestinian Authority only serve to exacerbate an already grave situation, undermining its position as a negotiating partner and its ability to combat terror, and further threatening stability throughout the region. What is now required is that every effort be made by both sides to return to the path of dialogue.

We therefore reiterate that a lasting peace cannot be achieved without the establishment of a viable Palestinian state and security for Israel.

The Socialist International, which includes among its members the Labour Party and Meretz in Israel and Fatah in Palestine, will continue to play its part in efforts to reach a just and lasting peace for the benefit of all people in the region.