Socialist International calls for immediate ceasefire over Nagorno-Karabakh

28 September 2020

The Socialist International is deeply concerned at the outbreak of a new military confrontation between Armenia and Azerbaijan over Nagorno-Karabakh and is particularly saddened and dismayed by the loss of civilian life.

There is no military solution to this conflict. It would only lead to greater suffering, more loss of life, and further escalation of violence, which can never and should never be the way forward, as has been tragically proven in the past.

We add our voice to the calls for an urgent ceasefire and call on the Minsk Group co-chairs to undertake immediate efforts with and between the parties with a view to de-escalating the military confrontation.

Negotiations should be undertaken with the support of the international community to agree a ceasefire, while other states should refrain from further escalating the conflict by intervening or contributing militarily, whether directly or indirectly.

The Socialist International has long been engaged in the search for a peaceful outcome to this conflict, and on different occasions has brought together representatives of its member parties in Armenia and Azerbaijan in our meetings and in their countries, to foster dialogue and contribute towards a solution. We will continue to be committed on this path until both countries reach a peaceful agreement.