Socialist International calls for immediate restoration of democracy in Thailand

20 September 2006


The Socialist International condemns the military coup carried out in Thailand and calls for the immediate restoration of democratic institutions and respect for fundamental human rights, including the freedom of expression, association and assembly.

The International is particularly troubled by the announcement banning all political meetings and activities as well as the formation of new parties.

The tanks on the streets of Bangkok today are reminiscent of a bygone era of authoritarianism which people everywhere have decidedly rejected. No circumstances in the political life of a country can justify the illegal use of military force or the kind of developments being witnessed today in Thailand. Solutions to political, economic and social difficulties in every democracy are reached with respect for the will of the people and through concerted efforts to find common answers by democratic means.

The Socialist International calls upon all in the international community to take a stand against the coup in Thailand and to unite in calling for the military forces to immediately give way to democracy.