Socialist International condemns coup in Mauritania and calls for the restoration of democratic rule

7 August 2008

The Socialist International condemns the coup carried out by the military in Mauritania against the first democratically elected government in that country since it gained independence in 1960, and calls for the immediate restoration of democratic rule and for the full respect of all political rights and civil liberties.

The free and fair elections held last year underscored the desire and commitment of the people of Mauritania to live and work in freedom and were an important milestone in the country’s progress toward joining the community of democratic nations. No circumstance or situation can be used to justify undoing that progress through the illegal use of military force.

The International calls upon the nations of Africa and the world community as a whole to take and maintain a firm stand against the coup and to support all measures towards the restoration of democracy and the strengthening of the democratic institutions of the country.

The Socialist International reaffirms its full solidarity with its member party in Mauritania, the Assembly of Democratic Forces, RFD, which has struggled consistently to bring democracy to the country and reiterates its firm support for its efforts to restore democratic rule to Mauritania.