Socialist International condemns Israeli air strike in Gaza

24 July 2002

The Socialist International condemns the Israeli air strike in Gaza City that killed fifteen Palestinians, including nine children, and wounded at least 145 more.

There can be no justification whatsoever for such actions, particularly when the appalling civilian casualties only serve to fuel the cycles of violence, which we have condemned on several occasions.

The International therefore reaffirms its position, as stated at its Council meeting held in Casablanca on 31 May-1 June, that all in the conflict renounce violence and at the same time pay particular attention to the protection of the civilian population.

The International notes that prior to the raid in Gaza, there were some positive signs pointing to the possibility of opening negotiations. The International calls for redoubled efforts by all sides, by the international community and by its Israeli and Palestinian member parties to continue on this track. Only through a political resolution can a lasting end to the conflict and the security of all people in the region be achieved.