Socialist International Condemns Political Violence in Haiti

19 December 2001

The Socialist International condemns both the armed assault on the National Palace in Haiti and the subsequent attacks by government supporters against opposition parties, journalists and leading members of the Democratic Convergence.

The International calls upon the Haitian government to fulfill its obligation to protect all of its citizens and to act decisively to end the violence so that all political parties and their supporters can resume their work in freedom and peace. We urge President Aristide to ensure that his followers act within the rule of law and that the police respect human rights, protect citizens and restore public order.

The International expresses its full support and solidarity with our member parties in Haiti in their difficult democratic struggle - the Party of the National Congress of Democratic Movements, KONAKOM, the Revolutionary Progressive Nationalist Party of Haiti, PANPRA, and the Organisation of the People in Struggle, OPL.

The Socialist International also calls on the government to join the Democratic Convergence in participating in the negotiations mediated by the Organisation of American States with a real commitment to resolving the electoral crisis, so that Haiti can begin to move forward in the urgent tasks of social and economic development.