Socialist International condemns terrorist attacks in Mumbai

27 November 2008

The Socialist International strongly condemns the terrorist attacks carried out in Mumbai and calls upon the world community to stand strongly with the people of India and their government in this time of tragedy and sorrow.

No political or social cause can justify such horrible attacks, particularly the targeting of civilians and the appalling loss of innocent lives as has been seen in Mumbai.

The International expresses its deepest sympathy and condolences to all who have been affected by the attacks in Mumbai and its full solidarity with the people of India and their long held desire to preserve and strengthen democracy, peace and respect for human rights in their country.

The International reiterates the commitment of the social democratic movement and all its member parties worldwide to bring an end to terrorist actions everywhere and to hold to account by all legal means available anyone responsible for acts of terrorism.


Statement issued by the Socialist International, 27 November 2008