Socialist International deeply concerned by the deteriorating situation in Nepal, calls for restoration of democratic rule

11 April 2006

The Socialist International is deeply concerned by the deteriorating situation in Nepal and the escalating confrontation that has led to the shooting and detention of demonstrators, and calls upon the government of King Gyanendra to immediately stop the violence against the citizens of the country and take steps toward restoring democratic rule.

The people of Nepal have suffered greatly because of the conflict between insurgents and government forces and the climate of insecurity and fear that has worsened since the ending of democracy more than a year ago. The municipal elections forced through by the government in February were found by the international community to be fundamentally flawed and only heightened tensions in the country.

The Socialist International reiterates its belief that only through democratic rule, based on fully free and fair elections, can Nepal carry out a broad based process of negotiation leading to a peaceful resolution to the conflict. In this sense, the International supports the peaceful efforts of the seven-party coalition demonstrating for democratic change and reaffirms its solidarity with its member party, Nepali Congress and other democratic forces in the country that cooperate with the International.

The International calls upon the world community to unite in its position toward Nepal and to encourage in every way possible the government of King Gyanendra to swiftly restore the country’s democratic institutions, guarantee political rights and civil liberties and undertake an open and integrated approach to national dialogue.