Socialist International denounces government sponsored violence in Zimbabwe

24 June 2008

The Socialist International has followed with grave concern the rapidly deteriorating situation in Zimbabwe. In the current climate of fear and intimidation, no free, fair or transparent elections could possibly be held.

The International vigorously denounces the government sponsored violence that has resulted in the death of dozens of members of the political opposition, as well as the torture and beatings of numerous others, as they have tried to carry out their electoral campaign, and has caused the opposition presidential candidate Morgan Tsvangirai to withdraw from the poll.

The International calls upon Zimbabwe’s neighbours, individually and through the Southern African Development Community, the fourteen-nation regional organisation that includes Zimbabwe, backed by the African Union and the United Nations, to substantially step up their efforts and coordination and take all the measures necessary to secure a peaceful and democratic resolution to the crisis before it descends further into a national tragedy.

The people of Zimbabwe deserve to exercise their right to elect the leadership they believe is best for their country. Africa and the international community cannot fail the people of Zimbabwe at this hour, nor their hopes for democracy, for security and for a normal life.


Statement issued by the Socialist International, 24 June 2008