Socialist International disturbed over latest developments in Romania

4 September 2005

The intentions of the ruling coalition in Romania to remove the Presidents of the two Chambers of Parliament from office, and to modify the Law on local public administration, enabling the replacement of the Presidents of County Councils, are being closely followed by the Socialist International, as these raise serious questions regarding the future political stability in the country, the direction of the current Government, and the next steps to be taken in Romania towards European integration.

The International, which has accompanied and long supported Romania through the process of strengthening its democratic institutions and on its road to European integration, will continue to pay close attention to these developments, and urges the Romanian government and the political forces in the ruling coalition to avoid confrontation on matters which derail the priorities of the people of Romania and detract attention from the pressing and crucial issues which face the country today and which require common, not divisive, approaches and dialogue, not conflict.