Socialist International greatly concerned over situation in Senegal

29 January 2007

As Senegal prepares for elections to be held on 25 February, the Socialist International is greatly concerned that the democratic freedoms and political rights gained by the Senegalese people should be upheld and respected by the Senegalese authorities at this crucial time.

The postponement of the parliamentary elections, the curtailment of the rights of the opposition by the government and the recent arrest and detention of opposition leaders including Ousmane Tanor Dieng of the Socialist Party (PS), a Vice-President of the Socialist International, Moustapha Niasse of the Alliance of Forces for Progress (AFP) and Abdoulaye Bathily of the Democratic League/Movement for the Workers' Party (LD/MPT) at a peaceful march in Dakar this past weekend are dangerously threatening democracy in Senegal.

The Socialist International, while protesting at the recent detention of the leaders of the opposition, calls on the government of Senegal to immediately stop the continued climate of repression and intimidation in the country, the use of violence against peaceful demonstrators and to ensure the respect of individual and collective political rights and freedoms so that the holding of free, fair and transparent elections are possible in the coming month of February.

29 January 2007

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