Socialist International greets successful Presidential elections in Nigeria

1 April 2015

The Socialist International expresses its satisfaction at the successful holding of the Presidential elections in Nigeria this week which will, for the first time in this country, allow a peaceful transfer of power from one civilian to another representing different political forces. The fact that this achievement takes place in the most populous country of Africa is a significant advance for democracy in that continent.

We extend our recognition to all the political actors in these elections, including the victorious candidate and next President, Muhammadu Buhari, the outgoing President, Goodluck Jonathan, the political parties and the people of Nigeria who genuinely and democratically engaged in the electoral process thereby validating its enormous significance for the nation.

The Socialist International particularly and warmly congratulates the All Progressives Congress, APC, the political force presenting the candidature of M. Buhari, a party which at the last Council meeting of our International in December 2014 was accepted as a member of the organisation.

As an international political family, we wish the new President and the All Progressives Congress in Nigeria strength, wisdom and success in the challenging agenda that lies ahead to deepen and consolidate democracy, to achieve credible and transparent government institutions to allow good and effective governance, to defeat and eliminate terror and its devastating consequences, and to bring about a society free of fear and free of poverty for all the Nigerian people.

We call on the entire international community to support Nigeria in these endeavours.

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