Socialist International mission visited Haiti to support democracy and human rights

24-25 May 2004

In order to support the democratic transition in the country, the democratic political forces there and the process to form a single social democratic party undertaken by the three SI member parties - the Party of the National Congress of Democratic Movements, KONAKOM, the Revolutionary Progressive Nationalist Party of Haiti, PANPRA, and the Organisation of the People in Struggle, OPL - a mission of the Socialist International visited Haiti on 24-25 May 2004. Members of the mission were Luis Ayala, Secretary General of the Socialist International; Hatuey De Camps, SI Vice-President (PRD, Dominican Republic); Charles Josselin, a former minister of international cooperation (PS, France); and Senator Fernando Martín, Executive President of the PIP, Puerto Rico.

Meetings were held with the Provisional President of the Republic, the Prime Minister, and the members of the Governing Council on Monday 24 May. The following day, the members of the mission held discussions with the Provisional Electoral Council and with the leadership of the Democratic Convergence, as well as with civil society organisations and leaders of human rights groups. Talks were also held with media officials and representatives of the press.

This initiative of the Socialist International is in line with its support for all the democrats, civil society organisations and political parties who peacefully campaign to improve the situation of the Haitian people and who serve the cause of democracy and economic and social progress.