Socialist International Statement on Release of 222 Political Prisoners in Nicaragua and Recent Constitutional Changes

10 February 2023

Socialist International notes the release of the 222 individuals in Nicaragua who were imprisoned for exercising their fundamental freedoms.

We however wish to express our concerns on the constitutional change made by the Nicaraguan government through a constitutional amendment to strip purported “traitors” of their nationality. We consider this decision an affront to fundamental human rights and freedom of citizens of Nicaragua and calls on the government to reconsider these changes. Given that these changes in the law requires a second vote in the next legislative session, we are by this statement calling on the Parliament of Nicaragua to reverse this punitive law which significantly undermines the fundamental human rights and the very principles upon which democracy prevails.

We commend the United States government and all other stakeholders in the international community for their efforts towards securing the release of the prisoners.

Likewise we applause the initiative of the Spanish government led by the President of Socialist International- Pedro Sánchez for offering Spanish citizenship to the 222 released prisoners so far and all other political prisoners in Nicaragua declared stateless.

We further call on the Nicaraguan government to take the necessary actions to ensure that all political prisoners are released and concrete steps are taken to protect the rights of its citizens and chart a new path towards the restoration of democracy in the country.

In Solidarity, for Progress.