Socialist International supports democratic forces' call for fair and transparent outcome of electoral process in Ukraine

23 November 2004

The Socialist International is deeply concerned by the mounting evidence of gross electoral fraud during the run-off presidential election held in Ukraine on Sunday and deplores the conditions of media bias in advance of the poll, the coercion of voters, the intimidation of vote monitors on election day and the extensive indications of fraud denounced by both international and domestic observers.

The International offers its full support to the democratic forces in Ukraine, including the Socialist International members the Socialist Party of Ukraine and the Social Democratic Party of Ukraine, and members of civil society, and expresses its solidarity with the Ukrainian people protesting peacefully and rallying in demand of a fair and transparent electoral process. The International strongly urges the country's authorities to allow them to pursue their democratic rights of freedom of expression and association without fear of forceful restraint.

The International calls on the international community, particularly the European Union and Russia, to take a strong stand on behalf of the democratic rights of Ukrainians and hopes that the opportunity will be taken at the EU-Russia Summit later this week to advance a plan of international action to ensure that the election results in Ukraine reflect the true will of the people.