Socialist International welcomes agreement for a new coalition government in Moldova

27 January 2015

The Socialist International welcomes the agreement reached by the Democratic Party of Moldova (DPM) and the Liberal Democratic Party of Moldova (LDPM) to form a coalition government.

Following arduous negotiations between the parties in the Moldovan parliament, both the DPM and the LDPM had demonstrated their will and the determination necessary to move forward to secure a minority coalition which will allow Moldova to address pressing domestic issues, the deepening of the process of integration with Europe, and to deal with foreign policy challenges and security concerns relating to current developments in the region.

It is regrettable that not all the parties sharing a common view on the role of Moldova in Europe were part of this agreement which is centered on a sensible response to the urgent political agenda and contributes to the political stability of the country.

The Socialist International expresses its fraternal support for its member party, the Democratic Party of Moldova, and for the new coalition government. Our International now looks forward to the formation of the new government and to its success in responding to the aspirations and hopes of the people of Moldova.