Socialist International welcomes Obama victory

5 November 2008

The Socialist International welcomes the victory of Barack Obama in the U.S. elections and sees in it the hope for a world community based more on cooperation, mutual understanding and respect rather than antagonism and discord.

The International recognises that in many ways the choice of Obama by the American people is also a victory for diversity not only in the United States but throughout the world, as it provides tremendous inspiration for people everywhere who are still struggling to overcome racism and discrimination.

At the same time, the International knows that although the sky may seem a bit brighter today, there are enormous global challenges that must be addressed effectively and without delay, with the world financial crisis, climate change and the need for peaceful resolutions to violent conflicts at the top of the list.

Today the entire worldwide social democratic movement looks forward to working with all those in the United States who represent this renewed spirit of multilateral cooperation, progressive thinking and concerted action, the only way the challenges we face can be overcome.



Statement issued by the Socialist International, 05 November 2008