Socialist International welcomes release of Mauritanian opposition leader

4 February 2005

The Socialist International welcomes the release of Ahmed Ould Daddah, leader of the Assembly of Democratic Forces, RFD, the SI-member party in Mauritania, and other leading opposition politicians on 3 February following their arbitrary detention for over a month. Deeply concerned by the unacceptable practices perpetrated against members of the opposition, the International deplores the régime's persistent use of alleged coup attempts as pretexts to oppress and try to discredit its opponents.

Reiterating its solidarity with Ahmed Ould Daddah, members of the RFD and opposition forces in Mauritania who continue to work tirelessly for fundamental democratic rights and freedoms and strive for a peaceful transition to democracy in the country, the International calls on the authorities to open the way to sincere dialogue with all political forces there to find consensual solutions to the political and social problems confronting Mauritania and rid the country of the current climate of instability.