Solidarity with the people of India

26 April 2021

Solidarity with the people of India

The Socialist International expresses its deep sadness and regret at the catastrophic suffering and loss of life in India in recent days due to the rampant spread of the coronavirus across the country. We have witnessed with shock the scenes of distress and anguish, and our thoughts and solidarity are with the people of India at this incredibly challenging and distressing time.

The healthcare system in India has been stretched to breaking point and beyond, and without immediate action the situation could significantly worsen. In the face of this growing crisis, we call on the international community to urgently offer all possible assistance to India in the form of medical supplies, vaccines and supplies for vaccine factories, and tools to help identify and control emerging variants of the disease.

The Socialist International endorses the call of Rahul Gandhi, former president of its member party, the Indian National Congress, for free vaccines for all Indians. Access to the vaccine should in no circumstances be determined by ability to pay. As our organisation has consistently stated, equitable access to vaccines and their distribution to all countries of the world in sufficient quantities is the only way to truly protect the global population from the coronavirus. No one is safe from the pandemic until we all are safe and the tragic recent developments in India are a stark reminder that the struggle against the pandemic is a global one.

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