Standing with Colombia for peace

26 September 2016

The Socialist International greets the historic signing today in Cartagena of the Peace Accord between the government of Colombia and the FARC, successfully concluding a process which began more than four years ago in Havana. Our International is among those accompanying this significant event, maintaining its commitment and support for peace in Colombia today and for the post-conflict period of disarmament and reconciliation.

On 2 October the Colombian people will go to the polls to ratify this accord in a referendum, as approved by the Congress and the Constitutional Court of Colombia, formally bringing an end to more than fifty years of armed conflict that has cost a recorded number of 267,162 lives, displaced entire populations and sowed division and suffering in the country. The people will have the last word, and the Socialist International expresses its confidence that they will overwhelmingly vote in favour of peace.

The Socialist International congratulates all those involved, the President of the Republic and the government of Colombia, the leaders and members of the FARC, the political parties and their leaders and the Colombian people. It further acknowledges the contribution of international organisations, NGOs and other members of the international community in this process.