Statement of Socialist International on the democratic crisis in Israel

10 March 2023

The Socialist International expresses its deep concern over the legal reforms promoted by the new Israeli government that weaken the judicial power and that are dividing the Israeli society and provoking that hundreds of thousand of Israelis rally against them.

If passed, the new laws will violate human rights and will considerably politicize and weaken the courts and undermine their independence. The laws will further undermine the democratic principle of separation of powers and remove all checks and balances, giving absolute power to the executive branch, leave the Israeli citizens defenseless in front of authoritarianism and will particularly hurt women and minorities.

Socialist International sends its solidarity to hundreds of thousands of Israelis of all creeds, men, and women, young and old, who protest on the streets in tens of cities in Israel and around the world to defend Israeli democracy.
We call on our member parties, Heads of government, and the international community to act and raise a strong voice in defense of democracy and the rule of law in Israel

In Solidarity, for Progress.

March 10, 2023.