Statement of the Socialist International on the situation in Turkey

17 June 2013

Developments in Turkey during the last three weeks have been followed with increasing concern by the international community.

The Turkish government, which should respond to the grievances of the citizens who are protesting, and act in accordance with the norms and principles of a democracy, is failing to listen and to seek a way forward to avoid the current spiral of violence, of beatings, and the victims that the world continues to witness as a consequence.

The current widening of the violence on the streets of Istanbul against demonstrators, involving not only the police force but also of sympathisers of the government, which is also being seen in other parts of the country, is a matter of grave concern.

We therefore reiterate our call on the Turkish government to end the violence against the citizens who have been demonstrating, expressing their frustrations and despair at a government which appears not to be listening, and to refrain from acts which can lead to further violence. We call for a national dialogue by the authorities of the state and the political actors represented in the national parliament, to find a peaceful, institutional and democratic answer to the current critical situation affecting the country.