Statement on the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela

10 June 2008

In line with its ongoing commitment in favour of the holding of free and fair elections, the Socialist International has learnt with concern of the decision by administrative authorities of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, without any due process or sentencing, to deny over 400 citizens the right to stand as candidates in the forthcoming regional and local elections on 23 November this year.

This decision has caused great disquiet and concern today in Venezuelan and international public opinion, as it is leading to the erosion of the right of this country’s citizens to stand as candidates, as well as their right to elect a candidate of their choice, added to which is the fact that a large proportion of the people disqualified from standing are members of the democratic opposition.

The Socialist International, which actively works to remove all obstacles to electoral processes which impede or weaken democracy, today calls for the respect of the legitimate rights of those who have been denied by these means to stand as candidates and for the immediate restoration of all their political and civic rights.


Statement issued by the Socialist International, 10 June 2008