Talks with Iran

25 November 2013

As President of the Socialist International, I welcome the positive outcome of the talks between the P5+1 (United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Russia and China) and Iran, facilitated by the European Union, concerning Iran 's nuclear program.

It is a major step towards increased stability in the broader region.

This important deal, reached after intensive negotiations in a climate of mutual respect, paves the way towards a long term comprehensive solution.

The successful implementation of this first agreement and the achievement of a comprehensive solution will certainly address the concerns expressed by some countries of the region.

Consequently, it is crucial that, as agreed in the joint plan of action, the initial reciprocal measures are taken by both sides in the coming six months. Close cooperation with the IAEA is of paramount importance.

A comprehensive agreement on Iran's nuclear program could become a cornerstone and revive the historic effort of our movement for disarmament and for a planet without nuclear weapons.

George Papandreou